Fallen is a new independently published comic series that blends the genres of crime mystery and fantasy. Written by Matt Ringel and artwork by Henry Ponciano. Set in the loud synth pop, big hair and pop culture rich decade of 1980’s, our story takes place in New York City. Years before the wide spread of  use cellphones and internet, the world was a lot bigger of a place.

Millennia ago, the gods were pulled down from their heavenly realms to Earth. Cut off from their homes and godly powers, they walked among man as immortals. To prevent drawing attention to their existence they created wards, men and women they chose and gifted with immortality. These wards became their servants that carried out their will allowing the gods to remain blended in with the world around them.

As time passed, the god’s secret lives lead to the formation of an underground society,one which the gods formed organized crime families. The families consisted of the Olympian pantheon, the Norse Asgard gods, and god’s of the Shinto and Aztec religions.

Fallen asks the question, what happens when a god dies?

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