Casper Clay is the protagonist of Fallen. Hand picked from an ancient battlefield by Zeus himself, Casper Clay became Zeus’ Ward. Ward’s are the right hand’s of the gods, bestowed with an energy known as Vigor that grants them immortality. Wards carry out the god’s bidding on Earth, allowing the gods to blend into the society around them and not draw attention to themselves. Very little things can kill a ward, aside from a god and some rare types of weapons. As long as the god breaths, so does the ward.

Casper’s dutiful and professional nature is often masked by his whiskey loving, cocky attitude but when push comes to shove, Casper shoves hard. When a god dies on Casper’s watch, he is charged with finding the killer and bringing him to justice. For Casper, the only thing worst than dying to find the answers is living forever without them.

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